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Up-to-date downloads are available here for your practice. Resources will be added as developments in cancer and Immuno-Oncology (I-O) research are available. Some resources are also available for order and can be sent directly to your practice.


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A Guide to I-O for Patients and Caregivers*

Learn about I-O and why it is considered to be a different approach to fight cancer.

A Guide to I-O in Blood Cancers for Patients and Caregivers*

Learn about the role of I-O in blood cancers and what happens during I-O treatment.

Guide to Understanding I-O and Clinical Trial Results*

Learn about the field of I-O, from revealing the power of the immune system in cancer to realizing its broad potential.

Cancer Advocacy Resource Flashcard

Learn about the role of advocacy organizations in providing support for patients with cancer.


Biomarker Advocacy Resource Flashcard

Helps explain key information on biomarkers, biomarker testing and advocacy organizations for support.


Adolescent Young Adult Advocacy Resource Flashcard

Learn about the role of advocacy organizations in providing support to adolescent young adults with cancer.


Garden Analogy Cling*†

Learn about the difference between treatment types through a gardening analogy.


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